Word of The Lord


October 1, 2021

Just as a baby grows in the natural you must grow in the spirit.

Stage by stage day by day I put in you what you are to be, in your spirit, and you will grow, and develop into a full grown you. And in the opportune time, you will be fully developed, and released to be, and do what I created you to be.

Right before your very eyes, I see My creation My son My daughter My image of you, My child.

Just like an artist creating his masterpiece, I create Mine in you, I create you in Me. So do not despise small beginnings says The Lord it is how I planned it in stages, in phases until you are ready to fly like a butterfly. Soaring like an eagle, and ready to rule in My Kingdom says The Lord.

You are seared/sealed. Like juices are seared in a steak, with Holy Spirit of promise My promise, My covenant to never leave you or forsake you. Says The Spirit of The Living God.


September 11 2021

10-year Anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on America the land of the free!

Satan sits at the highest position in the demonic realm.

Satan your adversary walks around seeking who he can devour. Like a wolf tracking and hunting down his prey.

He is not your friend and, he does not play.

He will attack you and come through any open door you have opened.

You must be holy and stand upright. Stay in your position.

Know The Word study The Word quote The Word and use The Word along with your other weapons of warfare.

God says Our weapons are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

His attacks (Satan's) are in your mind - but if you have The Mind of Christ, he will have no right or authority to have foothold in your life.

Be vigilant as he is vigilant. Vigilant means to be ---determined, to be steadfast, and always discerning.

Your voice and your words are mighty weapons. They can close doors and open doors. Watch what you say and profess because you will get and have what you say.

Stay in the word keep your mind on things above. Be watchful and pray.

His days Satan your adversary's days are number. He has but a short time to weaken MY kingdom and build his army.

His clock will begin ticking at the beginning of the Tribulation and end at the millennial reign of My Son.

Prophecy will be fulfilled; the end will come My Word will not return to Me void it will do what I say it will do. It will perform what I tell it to perform it will accomplish what I want it to accomplish then the end will come says The Lord.

REPENT, REPENT, REPENT – because The Kingdom is God is here in our midst. Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the Lord, we too must prepare our hearts for His soon coming return.

Daniel's 70th Week

WORD OF THE LORD…came to me on June 10, 2021 saying, “We have entered the 70th week spoken by Daniel the prophet. It is upon us and unfolding. The players are in alignment and can be seen just as the circle of fire surrounding the moon can be seen from all over the world. They have encircled and camped about My promised land ready to entreat on My chosen people.” (Ezekiel 38: 5 Persia (Iran), Cush (Ethiopia), and Put (Libya, N. Africa) with them, all of them with shield and helmet; 6 Gomer (Germany) and all its troops; Beth-togarmah (Turkey) from the remote parts of the north and all its troops—many peoples with you). “Watch, look, hear, and listen to what My Spirit is saying to the church in this day and hour. Stay alert to know what you must do to be in your place in your position as the future unfolds before your very eyes.”

The Winds of Change Are Blowing


The winds of change are blowing, you want to go that way, you want to go this way, but My Spirit will take you My way, The way says The Lord!

I am blowing and pouring and releasing out My Spirit for signs, wonders, and miracle to be released and manifested in this day and in this hour says the Lord.

Yes! This is the day and this is the hour - yes this is that which Prophet Joel prophesied in days of Old that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh I am not a man that I should lie. My word must be fulfilled my word must not return void. My Son is coming, and He is coming soon! So, shake yourself and behold My Glory behold the coming of The Lord.

We are at MILE MARKER 59

It is 1 minute to the day when you will see the sons and daughters rise and take their rightful places in the earth realm, and positions in Me says God! This is My eleventh hour, and the Bride has made herself ready.

Study to Show Yourself Approved

May 13, 2021

You ought to be eating meat. I give you small bites, so you do not choke. You ought to be teachers and not doers only.

(2 Tim. 2: 15).

15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

You say you want to go deeper yet; you are not a student of My Word. Deeper understanding requires higher thoughts. Revelation and My enlightenment comes through study and your time with Me. Or are you satisfied with your name being in the Book of Life?

My call requires commitment My call requires dedication My call requires sacrifice My call requires you to give up everything. Let Me consume you with My fire My glory says The Lord. Are you ready, Do you want it? I will train you I will mold you I will visit you and give you what you need to be happy and fulfilled says The Lord. So, stop playing games stop procrastinating and get back in the boat and do what I have predestined you to do and to be says God.

I Made You An Original!

May 5, 2021

You are an original! You cannot fulfill another man’s call because, you do not have his gifts and talents to do so. You are only moving in the flesh not producing fruit or spiritual growth. Wandering around going in circles because you do not have my plan says the Lord! You have not consulted Me, says God!

Wake up! Get on the path that I have chosen for you!

My plan, my way, my direction, my will, will be revealed to you one step of obedience, at a time. Only then will you clearly see what I am doing in your life, and where I am taking you.

They are not going where you are going, so stop following the crowd! You must leave father, mother, sister, brother, and even spouses, churches and jobs to follow me and fulfill the plan I have for you. You must be around those with like faith and calling says The Lord!

Yes! It is a new day it is a new season for you. I will bring a refreshing to you so that you will stand firm in My strength and in My glory!

You are not the same, you are unique, you are an original. I do not make mistakes; I am perfect in all My ways; thus, you are perfect in My Eyes says The Lord! So, stay on the path, follow the plan, let me lead, and you will know my plan, and direction.

Yes! It is a new place, a new place in Me, and a new place in My Spirit says the Lord. So be strong, be courageous, be steadfast, and determined to fulfill the call.

I will send destiny helpers to minister to you to mentor you and help you! So, embrace the call! Do not let others bring distractions or discouragements – do not let them get you off the path, they are destiny stealers sent by the enemy to block where I am taking you. Beware, beware I say, embrace the path before you says the Spirit of The Living God!  

It is Time to Level Up!

March 31, 2021

God says to expect the unexpected! He says, it is time to get your house in order! Deal with the barriers, the distractions that prevent you from clearly seeing the vision of the plan I have for you! Get rid of toxic relationships and be open to new ones. They do not support your vision, because they lack vision. I am the giver of the vision it is I who will send destiny helpers to help you fulfill your purpose. People from your past may show up, so be aware, be discerning, be careful about reconnecting past relationships. Miracles will not flow through you or to you if you do not get rid of the dead weight you carry in your spirit. The weight you carry is the weight of the cares of this world and unworthy people. People with personal agendas and doctrines. The spiritual weight is due to lack of discipline in prayer and devotion to me, which is what will build your faith. Just as a body builder builds muscle, you must build faith. It will take action as faith without action is dead. Build your house on solid ground so you will stand when trials and tribulations come says The Lord. I am giving you a spiritual face lift, removing the old, and making room for the new – from the inside out. Level up says the Lord. You can not serve fresh manna without receiving fresh revelation, and you can not receive the new wine with out a new wineskin. Level up you have the power and anointing to reach higher heights in Me says the Spirit of the Living God.

The Wave of My Hand

March 25, 2021

There is another wave coming. My Spirit is being released in measures not ascertained. Just as in past movements this one will be with much more power, anointing, and authority to the believers. I will rush in and rush out. I will rush in and linger but, only those sensitive to Me will be able to discern it only those sensitive and open to receive it will be aware of it. Only those sensitive and submitted and yielded will be able to operate in it. This is that- what I spoke through Joel and Peter. Just as I will be releasing this new fresh brand-new flow, watch how the enemy attempts to combat it with a release of his own schemes and devices. Keep your eyes on Me so you will know; watch and be ready says The Lord. Watch and be aware says God. Watch and receive that which is coming says The Spirit of The Living God. Watch for the fake and the counterfeit. Discern, perceive, know the difference. The real will only be by My Spirit says the Lord!

Where are you!?

March 11, 2021

Where are you!?

Friendships and relationships will only disappoint you My child, I come to give you life, eternal life, life more abundantly.

Where are you says The Lord!?

Return to the call of God on your life. Where is your passion the desire you first had when I saved you and met you? The inner hunger to know Me, to search My inner parts. What happened to you? Where are you says God? You moved, you shifted, and you are far from Me says the Lord. I call you, and you do not answer; you don't even hear Me. I nudge you, and you do not respond; you don't even sense me. I release my presence, and oil, and you don't even know it.

Get back in position says The Lord!

Move with Me says God. Follow Me my child, let Me mold you, and shape you, impart My nature so you can finish the race.

I have started the work in you, let Me complete it says The SPIRIT of The Living God.

Double For Your Trouble...

February 21, 2021

Double, Double

I will give you double for your trouble. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I come so that you may have life and life more abundantly. Come unto me all who are heavy laden and burdened and I will give you rest. Place your cares upon me because I care for you let not your heart be trouble, believe in Me, and I will give you rest. Lean not on your own understanding. In My Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have not told you so. I will come for you, seek me while I may be found - I give you My peace, I give you My rest, I give you My love. Abide in Me and I will abide in you says The Spirit of The Living God.

Double double, double blessings, double portion, double anointing, and double increase says The Lord! Double for your trouble!

Isaiah 61: 7

Because you received a double dose of shame and dishonor, you will inherit a double portion of endless joy and everlasting bliss!

Then The Lord reminded me of the Dream I had on 12/10/2020:

I Saw an angel releasing pouring out blessings, gifts, flowers (fragrance), oil, anointing's, provision, power, etc. they are being poured out like rain coming down – first like dew, then small rain like a steady drizzle or a soaking rain, and then rain showers, the former and latter rain coming down together. Joel 2: 23. God said this is that!

Receive it, Do you not believe it!

In 2 Kings Chapter 2 Elisha too had to eventually had to let Elijah go to receive the double portion. We must release that which we cherish (family, jobs, careers, relationships, ministries, finances, etc.) to let God return to us 100-fold, double for our trouble. Amen!

"Do Not Defile God's Temple...

February 18, 2021

1 Cor 3: 17

If any man defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. KJV

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, out of the overflow of your soul. Guard your gates – your eye gate, and your ear gate. Watch the seeds that you are sowing.

Once a seed is planted it must grow, and if it is fed, it will produce after its own kind.

Produce the fruit of righteousness you must sow righteous fruit of the spirit.

Test every spirit to determine if it is of God. If the spirit will not confess Jesus is Lord, then that spirit is not come from God. Free yourself of every dead weight every hindrance to produce the fruit of righteousness when you do so you will produce the fruit of the spirit, my spirit, and holiness, my holiness, and my glory will rest upon you.

God is requiring spiritual growth. We must abide in Him, allowing Him to prune and discipline us, so we do not defile His temple – that would be you, that would be me.

We must yield and abide in Him daily.

Romans 6: 12-14

12 Sin is a dethroned monarch; so, you must no longer give it an opportunity to rule over your life, controlling how you live and compelling you to obey its desires and cravings. 13 So then, refuse to answer its call to surrender your body as a tool for wickedness. Instead, passionately answer God’s call to keep yielding your body to him as one who has now experienced resurrection life! You live now for his pleasure, ready to be used for his noble purpose. 14 Remember this: sin will not conquer you, for God already has! You are not governed by law but governed by the reign of the grace of God. TPT

Philippians 1: 9-11

9 I continue to pray for your love to grow and increase beyond measure, bringing you into the rich revelation of spiritual insight in all things.

10 This will enable you to choose the most excellent way of all[l]—becoming pure and without offense until the unveiling of Christ. 11 And you will be filled completely with the fruits of righteousness that are found in Jesus, the Anointed One—bringing great praise and glory to God! TPT

"Rest In Me..."

January 12, 2021

The Lord said, "you have entered into the land of milk and honey. Do not look to the right or look to the left but look to me as I am The Author and Finisher of your faith. I have set the captives free, and who the Son sets free is free indeed. I am not in the chaos or mayhem, but I am in the peace, the peace that you find in your heart the peace that surpasses all understanding (your mind). None of it will make sense in the nature so you must see, believe and take hold of what I am doing in the spirit. Trust Me, know that it is I who have come to set you free and give you all you need as you enter into your rest in Me says The Spirit of The Living God."


The Promised Land to the Israelites was described as a land flowing with milk and honey, a sign of the abundance, ease, and prosperity to be found there. "Then He said, "I Am The God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob."

A land flowing with milk and honey is a metaphor for the good life. From the time the Israelites left Egypt, several times God spoke a specific, abundant and beautiful blessing on them. He promised them a land flowing with milk and honey. The promised land was Canaan located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.  Exodus 3: 8

The Land flowing with milk and honey is found in the Bible 20 times.

Milk signifies or symbolizes mother, it is deeply connected with life itself. Fluid of eternal life.  Honey symbolizes good health, both considered high energy foods.

I asked The Lord, how can this be with all that is going on? "He said do not be concerned, I am with you!"

"The Global Reset Continues..."

December 3, 2020

In 2019 The Global Reset started!

We Entered a New Era in 2020…as evidenced by the Covid-19 Pandemic where millions of people were affected, and thousands have been affected and many have died. Matthew 24: 7

January 2021 Word of The Lord is the year of Recovery, Restoration and Restitution.

God is testing the hearts and the faith of people. Shaken the world globally, causing a global awakening; everything that can be shaken will be and was shaken. Hebrew 12: 25-29.

A testing of our faith, where is your faith, in your money, in the world systems, politics, religion, etc., will surely prove how weak or strong you are. Many will return to God, and many will leave the faith…Matthew 24: 10. Which is some of the signs of the Second Coming of Jesus.

• A separation of the wolves from the sheep. Matthew 25: 31

• A shaken of pulpits – 1 Peter 4: 17

• An alignment of the church and Body of Christ with The Word of God. 2 Corinthians 6:13-18.

The Church is arising, The Body of Christ is beginning to take Her position in holiness, power, and authority.

In this new era, we TRANSITIONED and ENTERED a New Place in the Spirit and on God’s Timeclock.

Just like Joshua had to take on the power, authority and anointing of Moses, the church is commissioned to do the same. God is Expanding our hearts and spirits to receive more of Him. In this new place will be provision for the vision, protection for the victory, and prosperity for the spoils!

In this NEW PLACE it will require us to TRUST God and BELIEVE that He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Any time you are going to a new level - there will be resistance. When Joshua entered the Promised Land, there was resistance and there were giants that met them when they went into the Promised Land. If you're going into your Promised Land (your purpose, your destiny, what God has for you), and you're not having any pushback or resistance (no giants in the land), then you're not going in the right direction. Some of the giants may be loss of a loved one to Covid-19, finances, business, etc. There will be Jericho’s to take, so there will be battles, but it is going to be exciting. When you're going the way the Lord has for you, there is that surety inside of you most of the time that, “Wow, this is what I am made for. I was created to do this.” Your spirit will bear witness with the changes that are occurring, and will eagerly submit and receive it!

"2021 Year of Restoration..."

November 30, 2020

2021 The Year of RESTORATION (Recovery and Restitution).

The realignment has begun, all key players and pieces are in place. I am pouring out My Spirit mon all flesh this is the fulfillment and manifestation of Joel 2. This outpouring is to embark on the revival that My people are crying out for and need in order to find their place in the puzzle of My Plan.

Nation will rise against nation during this season like never before. Kingdom against kingdom.

Soviet Union will invade the middle east to force their will and overturn the status quo with a coup - Daniel (i saw the statue image in book of Daniel) Iran, Turkey, and Israel will be at war the Ezekiel 37-38 war is developing and is rising on the horizon.

I see foot soldiers China marching on the land - hidden behind it is the old Nazi regimen i saw their emblem – the swastika.

I see rockets falling like rain.

The reset had to happen in order to shift the players, and even the atmosphere for these events to unfold.

The election, pandemic, protest all a part of my divine reset to separate the army of the lord to promote my generals and assign the foot soldiers to empower my true church. To separate the real from the disdain. To release my gifts unto men. I see the valley of dry bones becoming the true Army of The Lord. Iron curtain?? Just as i caused it to come down i will cause the wall that separates My church to come down so the world will see the true manifestation of the sons of god. We must be equipped we must not break rank we must know our assignment. If you miss your day of visitation you will not move in step with Me and My Army says God.

Accept My generals who I have sent to adjustment and align you says the Lord so you will not miss your day of visitation says The Spirit of The Living God.

"Be Watchful..."

October 16, 2020

Beware, beware, beware of false prophets in the land who come in sheep's clothing. Looking to see who they may devour. The enemy comes while you are sleeping, not paying attention and vulnerable and unaware when you least expect him. He is sly, and slick. Intentional in his attack. Don't be fooled by his schemes, strategies or devices but be watchful and alert. He invades your thoughts and minds with doubt and unbelief in order to release a seed that will take Root to make you think it is you. So you feel ashamed and guilty. Acknowledge him it immediately casting that imagination down, rejecting it and he will flee!

He comes where you are weak so build up your walls. And be watchful be diligent be relentless in holding on to your faith in who you are and what you believe.

You must be cleansed by The Blood of The Lamb. In order to be vessels of honor fit for the Master's use.

Everybody has an agenda. Satan’s agenda is to take as many of God’s children to hell with him.

We must be watchful - 5 Foolish and the 5 Wise Bridesmaids, see Matthew 25.

"Lying Prophets..."

September 30, 2020

Do not manufacture a word.

Its serious business saying “I” said something when “I” did not say it.

Speak when “I” speak nothing fabricated or created by you.

You prophecy a lie.

My Word is true My Word is pure My Word is Holy and it will do what I set it out to do. It will come to pass because I Am God.

In days of old a prophet was dismissed fired and killed for tainting and mixing My Word. Today in this day of grace – judgement will come but first I will shut up the heavens over you and remove My presence grace and favor.

Hear ME clearly do not speak a word that I did not say misleading my people for your own vain glory you will be rebuked and punished for you prophecy out of your flesh says The True and Living God. 

"Warning to My Prophets..."

August 31, 2020

Woe, woe, woe to false prophets! I did not tell you to say anything! You cannot put words in My mouth, so sit down and shut up!

If you cannot perform it – do not say it says God!

They are lying spirits.

You must know Me – to know My Voice.

You must know Me – to walk with Me.

I call you by name if you are mine then I choose and work through you.

I am your maker – I call the shots.

Stop putting My name on it and in—it if I did not say it!

Those I call – I qualify those I call – I speak to and through – those I call I stamp seal and approve says God.

My prophets – I control!

No wavering or procrastination just intimacy and sacrifice say’s The Spirit of The Living God.